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Why buy a used car in Germany with the help of an importer?
It is possible to import a car yourself, but there are many pitfalls, especially if you do not speak the German language. It would be a shame if you had bought a vehicle and could not register it afterwards. Therefore we help you on automarket.lu to find the used car of your dreams and to buy it without risk.

What is an car agent?
The car agent is a specialist in the vehicle trade who acts as an intermediary between his client and the seller (dealer, distributor or manufacturer).
The car agent's roles are to:
 - Find the car corresponding to the criteria of his client, used or new, among the many brands of cars offered on the market.
- Negotiate in place of the client, at the best price terms, thanks to its network of distributors, suppliers or German and European dealers.
- Organizes the import and registration of the vehicle selected by the customer.

Does automarket.lu own the cars advertised on the website?
automarket.lu is an aggregator of car ads and brings together the best offers in the automotive market. The owner of the vehicle will be shown if you follow the link to the original listing.

How long does it take to pick up the vehicle?
The process from the first contact with the seller, i.e. Price negotiations, documents, transport until registration in Luxembourg takes an average of about ten days. This period can take up to 2 weeks for an acquisition via a financing or leasing offer.

I cannot find the car of my dreams on automarket.lu
If you cannot find the vehicle you are looking for, please send us a search request. An aget will contact you with appropriate offers based on your criteria.

Who can mandate import services?
Anyone with legal capacity (physical or corporate) can mandate our services for a fee.

The offered financing or leasing formulas are only possible for Luxembourgers (natural or legal persons).
If you do not meet these conditions, we can continue to offer you our import services and you can request financing or leasing from a local provider.