1. How much does it cost to sell my car on Automarket.lu?

It's completely free! There are no sales commissions on your vehicle, or other ''hidden costs''. Add as many pictures as you like without paying more for that!
Instant activation via SMS is also possible (1.5 per ad).

2. How long will my ad active?

Your ad will be active for three months, however you can extend your ad for free until the sale of your vehicle.

3. How do I activate my ad?

To fight attempted scam, your ad will be active 72 hours after verification.

4. How do I delete or change my ad?

Connect to your "customer area'', "my ads" and then "delete" to remove or "add" / "edit" to add / change it.

5.How many vehicles can I sell on Automarket.lu?

There is no limit on vehicle sales, it's FREE sale of one or more vehicles!
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